With Loving Care & Skill-Building Play
Your Baby’s
Future Is Bright
With Loving Care & Skill-Building Play

Infants | 6 weeks - 17 months | Serving The Colony, TX

Trained, Loving Teachers & Small Classes For Personalized Care

Your baby’s teachers have the dedication, degrees, and compassion needed to give them the best possible care. Your baby spends their days in a small group, where teachers can give them the attention they deserve to feel safe and thrive.

Responsive Care For Everything They Need When They Need It

Teachers get to know your child on a personal level to give them the responsive care they need to form a trusting bond. Nurturing carers talk to, soothe, play with, feed, and cuddle your child so they feel comfortable and loved.

State-Of-The-Art Doors & CCTV Lead A Solid Security Line-Up

Rest assured that your baby stays safe all day with modern security measures and CPR-certified teachers to keep a watchful eye on them. PIN-access entrances, fingerprint-protected learning areas, CCTV cameras, and secure playground fences give you peace of mind.

Teachers Match Your Home Routines For Stress-Free Babies

Infants and young toddlers need a routine to keep them feeling secure and happy. Teachers match your home eating and napping schedule as closely as possible to ensure that your little one makes easy transitions between caregivers and environments.

Sensory Play & Verbal Interactions Help Build Early Cognitive Skills

Teachers chat, sing, read, and talk about the day’s activities, so your little one becomes accustomed to language and interaction. They also engage in safe sensory play to make cognitive connections and kick-start their communication and reasoning skills.

Learning Spaces That Support Play & Motor Skill Development

Your child’s well-appointed classroom has the space they need for tummy time, crawling, scooting, and first steps. Sensory toys and materials help them learn to grasp, push, pull, and twist their way into stronger fine motor skills.

An Age-Appropriate Playground For Fresh Air & Physical Health

Your little one plays outdoors in a safely fenced, age-appropriate playground where they have room to try new motor skills, take in the sensory experience of being outside, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for a change of scenery.

Food For Your Child When They’re Ready For Solids

If your little one has moved on to solid foods, their meals are included in your tuition! They receive a healthy, tasty breakfast, lunch, and snack made fresh every day in an onsite kitchen and always free of allergens.

The Open Communication You Deserve As A Parent

With an open-door communication policy and the monthly Parents Talk newsletter, you stay informed. Stop in any time to see your child at play, ask questions, or discuss concerns as an active partner in your little one’s care and learning.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"My boys attend this school/facility and absolutely love it!"
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The director and assistant director as well as all of the staff are very attentive and great with the children. I walked in early yesterday to pick my son up for a doctors appointment and all the children were singing and reading books and all seemed so happy..

- Robin Valdes

"The teachers really take the time to make sure the students are successful in their next journey"
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The education that my child has received during Pre-K and Kindergarten at Legacy Day School has allowed my child to enter into the First Grade after the Kindergarten graduation.

- Latcom Wright

"The staff is very experienced and loving."
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This school is a great place for kids! The staff is very experienced and loving. I am so happy to have found this place!

- Cindy Holland


Experience Quality Education & Safe, Loving Care Leaves A Legacy!